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Der Sommer kommt.

Komme in Shape mit unserem ICONIC SHAPE ELIXIER und das ohne Jo-Jo Effekt.

Jetzt zur 30 Tage Kur!

Our products only contain natural ingredients. In our production we pay close attention to our CO2 footprint and ship CO2-neutrally.


All of our elixirs and packaging materials are developed and manufactured in Germany. We work exclusively with German family businesses.

Made in Germany

Every body is different, and especially that of women. We have developed elixirs that are finally tailored to female health.

By women for women

Inspired by Beauty, backed by Science. Our elixirs have been designed in such a way that the nutrients can be used by your body immediately after ingestion!

100% scientific

Made in Germany. 100% scientific.

We are MINE. & we turn your beauty and health routine upside down with our unique drinking elixirs!

Because we believe that every woman is beautiful.

Because we show you that true beauty, literally, comes from within.

Because your inner beauty doesn't need make-up.

sustainable production
shipping faster
high bioavailability
available in pharmacies