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E-Book Journal # 30dayswithmine

<transcy>E-Book Journal # 30dayswithmine</transcy>

E-Book Journal # 30dayswithmine

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Your MINEJOURNEY in e-book format!

We have made it our business to make you shine from within. But that's not the only thing. Our goal is that you love yourself exactly as you are. That you are proud of yourself and want to become the best version of yourself. And that's exactly what our #minejourney embodies and this journal supports you on your first # 30dayswithMINE.

Immediately after the purchase you will receive a download link from us and you can access the journal directly. The best? As a digital version, you can always have it with you - so there are no more excuses!

You love us!

Over 81 women share their MINE.experience with you!

I love MINE. I had a bland complexion for so long and tried 100 creams. It was just a nutritional deficiency - would buy it again and again!

Lisa (Bonn)

Cool design and super high quality ingredients - finally a product that keeps its promise! Because it's true, you don't need a lot of products, you need the right ones or just MINE.

Maria (Ulm)

I love it! I've always taken nutritional supplements, but always in tablet form. This innovation from MINE. is awesome - ordered again for the next month!

Vanessa (Leipzig)

Never again without MINE. Effective product and it tastes good too. I always had to use Shellac to keep my nails from breaking - thanks to MINE. waive. So it's worth it!

Eliana (Mannheim)

I always find it super difficult to find good nutritional supplements (especially) for women. But MINE. picked me up right there: Finally a product that women really need!

Antonia (Bochum)

100% vegan, fair production, climate-compensating shipping, high-quality ingredients and real effect. I guess I can't hide that I'm MINE. love.

Frieda (Bielefeld)
sustainable production
shipping faster
high bioavailability
available in pharmacies